Our Methodology

Unlike most other independent sponsors and/or private equity firms, we are not constrained by an LP driven, check-the-box mentality. We evaluate each opportunity on its own merit and how much of an impact our operating IP can and will have on the outcome; and most independent sponsors lack the reach and/or resources into which we have and continue to invest millions. Our distinct investment theses derive their merit from determining whether each discreet opportunity can leverage our operating and deal-related intellectual property to produce meaningfully better returns. Our methodology typically revolves around 5 inter-related elements:

Our impressive track record with specific business sectors and types defines our engagement focus. Project and investment criteria include but may not be limited to: branded consumer products and services companies, subscription-based businesses, and businesses not typically subject to the risks associated with economic cycles and/or technological obsolescence.
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Technology & Software
  • Consumer Services & Products
  • Media & Communications
  • Financial Services

By spending a unique and thorough pre-deal diligence and investigative period with potential target opportunities, we determine how our operating IP and business relationships can be applied, and in the process, we dramatically reduce risk while increasing the likelihood of a positive outcome.

A dedicated staff of approximately 40 full time, executive level, cross-functional experts help generate measurable growth, speed to market, and excellence in execution, driving with greater certainty to desired outcomes. We do not run companies, per se, rather we support existing management teams, as a flexible extension of their existing team.

We drive meaningful and/or transformational business enhancements, partnerships or other desired outcomes through a trusted and extensive network of relationships at appropriate endpoints, established over decades. These partner companies, Fortune 100 enterprises, and/or C-Level or board level representations directly figure into the accelerated value creation model we espouse.

To offer and deliver additional value, and to stay fully engaged and effective, we maintain a presence at the Board level of our investments, not as a passive financial observer, but as an active partner and advisor to management across strategy, M&A, operations, capital markets, monetization strategy, planning and more.
In addition to normal course due diligence in the pre-deal assessment period, we invest considerable time and effort to quantifiably determining how impactful our operating IP and our expertise in building enterprise value will be over the life of the investment cycle. For ourselves, and the capital partners considering the transaction with us, we typically develop an extensive thought document/investment thesis on our understanding of the status of the asset being considered. As part of that document, we create and document our proprietary strategies and tactics specific to growth, including detailed pro forma financial models, which help capital partners understand the very specific value-add we contribute on a deal by deal basis. Should the opportunity progress towards a closeable transaction, we share this with management, and together, refine it and use it as a blueprint for agreed upon growth strategies going forward.

By virtue of this heavy and intense operationally focused diligence and planning, we are able to reduce the risk of the unknown, plan for reasonable and stretch targets, and have a quantifiable view of the probability of success with the chosen strategies.
One of the most compelling and differentiating attributes of Trivergance, and one of the prime drivers for how we produce such consistently outsized returns is the full time and dedicated operational team we have amassed and assembled.

Very few, if any, other independent sponsors have such a robust and expert team of 40 members on staff to deliver performance and measureable value. Over the years, we have invested tens of millions of dollars into our strategy and execution team, such that we believe we are the only independent sponsor with this type of scale, scope and capability to deliver in a turnkey manner the types of results we consistently produce.

Much of the team has worked together for many years, and to the individual, are functional experts in one or more areas primarily revolving direct and digital marketing, and more broadly components of the supply chain of customer acquisition. Broadly speaking, this IP and methodology falls into one or more of the following areas of expertise: strategy & ideation, digital marketing, brand building & extensions, data aggregation & analytics, point-of-sale programs, loyalty & affinity programs, customer acquisition & retention, direct marketing, traditional advertising, lead generation, technology development and deployment, and strategic partnerships.

The average tenure of team members is over 10 years, and to the individual, these are functional experts in and across all the components of the complete supply chain of customer acquisition and retention.
As an integral component of our accelerated value creation model, we seek to become the trusted and critical connective tissue between various types of third party organizations in our network and assets in which we have a vested interest, be they portfolio companies, joint ventures with large brands or otherwise. We have an extensive network inside C-level and Board level relationships at many Fortune 500’s. We have a similar dynamic, useful and relevant set of relationships with many other organizations, be they resources to provide specific services, or as potentially, vast new untapped distribution, or many other options in between.

In some cases it has taken decades of time to build these relationships. The real power of the value add we deliver in this context is direct access, unparalleled speed and mutual trust between us and our network. In a real tangible sense, the extent, reach and potential impact of this collective network creates a true multiplier effect in terms of output and impact. We have seen the impact of this effect with every single investment we have made.

We view breakthroughs and relationships like these as a material variable in the equation of us creating and driving value. We measure ourselves in this regard not by the time we spend, per se, but by the outcomes that are derived.
Not only are we strategically, tactically and operationally hands-on and highly engaged, we often maintain a presence at the Board level of our investments, not as a passive financial observer, but as an active partner and advisor to management across strategy, M&A, operations, capital markets, monetization strategy, planning and more. Because our team, at one level or the other, is so operationally inculcated in these efforts, we typically have a much more than usual informed view for and with the Board. Our partners have extensive Board level experience, both in complex public environments and with all kinds, sizes and stages of private enterprises.
Investment Team

Investment Team

  • Our investment team consists of entrepreneurial yet classically trained private equity and venture capital professionals. Through their extensive networks and reputations in the marketplace, they actively and aggressively source proprietary deal flow, establish and cultivate capital partner relationships, and execute all elements of our transactions, pre and post, in partnership with capital
  • Since inception in 2005, the Trivergance investment team has successfully completed investments with enterprise values in excess of $3 billion, in partnership with blue chip capital partners across growth equity, venture, buyout and distressed transactions, public and private, with exceptional results
  • Prior to Trivergance, our principals have invested across dozens of investments, both individually and as part of a corporate entity. These investments cumulatively represented the deployment of billions of equity, and generated demonstrably excellent returns
  • As part of the ongoing partnership we create with management, and as part of our fiduciary responsibilities to our capital partners, we engage and support our partners at many levels. These include but are not necessarily limited to:
    • Industry thesis development
    • Finance sourcing
    • Strategic planning
    • New business development
    • M&A Strategy
    • Corporate finance support
    • Financial reporting
    • Budgeting & modeling
    • Board of Director participation
Meet Our Investment Team
Operational Team

Operational Team

  • Pioneers in the direct, digital and performance marketing sector that have successfully built, scaled and monetized multiple direct marketing companies over the past 25 years
  • A dedicated team of 40+ professionals with expertise across marketing, finance and operations that support portfolio companies by accelerating growth and improving profitability
Meet Our Operational Team