Capital Partner Relationships

We have spent years establishing relationships with blue chip financial institutions. They have come to understand, respect and appreciate what we do and how we do it. They enable and provide us support across the capital spectrum that allows us to drive intense, meaningful & often transformational value.

To date, as a fiduciary, we have deployed in excess of $1 billion of third party equity.

Relationships are at the very heart and foundation of everything we do and these relationships drive much of the value set we live by at Trivergance. Relationships include capital partners, Fortune 500 company executives and Board level personnel, third party support companies, portfolio companies and others.

We base these critical relationships on a core set of beliefs that permeate our individual and corporate being:

Transparent; we are what you see.

Relentlessly hard working, forthrightly honest, fair and principled, unusually inquisitive, a bit atypical, extremely entrepreneurial yet respective of the proverbial “institution.”

Direct; we don’t mince words.

People know where we stand. We develop clear points of view and we communicate as such.

Creative; we think much more laterally than linearly.

Whether regarding a deal structure, a marketing challenge or anything in between, we pride ourselves on not being limited to or boxed in by traditional thinking. Our creativity across the various aspects of our business has been a real driving force in our success.

Proud; we are proud of what we have produced.

As an independent sponsor, we are both humbled by and consciously proud of the consistent and impressive results we produce. It’s hard being an independent sponsor and we believe we have created the most successful, institutional grade platform of its kind anywhere.

Joint Ventures—Fortune 100 Relationships and others

Our operational know-how and IP can be strategically deployed on behalf of Fortune 100 Brands, which are seeking ways to materially enhance revenues, build new businesses, leverage their physical and digital infrastructure, and/or execute new and or different ways to monetize their customers.

Over the years, the principals of Trivergance have been responsible for tens of millions of customer acquisitions for our key brand relationships and otherwise. Utilizing our core competencies, we achieve enterprise value growth through sophisticated direct marketing, customer acquisition and customer retention strategies.

This same skill set is deployed on behalf of large Brands in creatively designed equity or equity like structures, providing real benefits to Brands and to Trivergance by enabling us to monetize our IP in extremely accretive and creative ways.