In addition to funding Hughes Telematics in 2008, Trivergance led the company’s marketing and business development. In 2012, Verizon Communications acquired Hughes Telematics yielding a 1.7X MOIC.

  • In January 2008, Trivergance closed Polaris Acquisition Corporation, a $150 million Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation
  • Polaris targeted investments within a diverse range of middle-market B2B and B2C companies where the value creation process could be enhanced through Trivergance’s skill set
  • Within six months, Polaris announced a merger with Hughes Telematics, an Apollo-funded technology business and closed the transaction in March 2009.
  • Marc Byron was a board member providing strategic guidance and identifying new revenue opportunities
  • Trivergance contributed a team of 15-20 professionals that were integral in growing consumer-facing revenue associated with Hughes’ mbrace (telematics technology) partnership with Mercedes Benz
  • Team managed entire marketing and marketing-related infrastructure associated with mbrace
  • Grew from start-up to $75 million of run-rate, recurring revenue
  • In July 2012, Verizon Communications acquired Hughes Telematics for over $700 million and formed a new partnership with Trivergance to create a new business that leveraged the Hughes telematics technology for an after-market telematics solution